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Greeting from the Dean

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  Dean,College of Engineering & Science
  Dr.Chi-Shiung Hsi
  Tel : (037) 382100 Fax037-382109
Faculty Office:+886 37-382240
  • Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, NationalCheng-KungUniversityTainanTaiwan, 1980.
  • M. S. Graduate School of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Science, National Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, 1986.
  • PhD. Department of Ceramic Engineering, Clemson UniversitySouth Carolina,USA, 1993.


  • Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, (2004~present)
  • Dean, College of Engineering and Science, (2015~)
  • National United University, Miao-Li, Taiwan.


  • Member and board of the SMTA-Taiwan
  • Member of Materials Research Society Taiwan.
  • Member of Taiwan Ceramic Society.


  • “Preparation of Pervoskite Materials”, OULU University, Finland, Sept. 2008.

  • Visiting professor, Dept. of Electric Engineering, OULU University, Finland, August ~ October, 2011.

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