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 The college of engineering and science consists of six departments and four research centers. The seven departments are Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering, , Department of Energy Engineering, and Department of Safety Health Environmental Engineering. The college also offers a Ph.D. program in Material and Chemical Engineering.To advance industry, academia and government cooperation, the college offers Hazard Mitigation and Reduction Research Center, Glass and Fiber-optic Materials Research Center, Energy Research Center and Environmental Education and Sustainable Development Center.
Under the collaboration between Miaoli county government and NUU, a new campus, Bajia Campus, was established in 2006. Bajia Campus lies to approximately 2 km southwest of Erping Shan Main Campus and occupies 56.2 hectares with exceptional scenery. The college of engineering and science including its departments and research centers has moved into the new campus at“CES hall 1” and“CES hall 2”since 2010. The college is in the center of new campus that possesses a great position to connect with other colleges. Combining with new teaching facilities, learning environment, and the financial support from producing study cooperation research plans and ministry of education, the college is capable of providing the high quality of education and advanced research.