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Core competence

This college emphasizes both theory and practice to cultivate professional engineering scientists with healthy professional ethics and innovative skills.
The college promotes redirected teaching, which values upward academic movement and employment, integrating redirected teaching and industry internships to become an employment program. Not only do students in all departments within the College of Engineering and Science participate in summer internships; undergraduate senior students can also participate in industry internships outside the college for an entire year that fully integrate theory and practice. Professional courses are planned to reinforce the application and integration of emergent technologies, as well as promote interdisciplinary (interdepartmental) courses. Every department in the College of Engineering and Science offers topical lab courses, which teach students how to manage and plan experimental projects, thereby cultivating their cost management and peer cooperation skills. Furthermore, this college actively promotes overseas student internship programs—students can apply for Ministry of Education study-abroad subsidies to intern at local enterprises in various countries. This program encourages overseas development among the college’s elite students and provides engineering and science students with diverse options for overseas study and foreign internships.